Painted Picture Frames Inspired by new Fall color Palette

Painted Picture Frames with New Paint Colors Inspired by the Season

So I went to Hobby Lobby last week to pick up some new Fall paint colors!

Above are the colors I chose. I love chalk paint but I am also a fan of Folk Arts acrylic paint. Folk Art is such a good brand their paint is thick, good quality and it covers almost any material really well!

Considering I have an Etsy Shop, Mayberry Marketco, and try to keep my inventory pretty stocked with colors and items to reflect the season I decided to take my new Fall inspired paint colors and freshen up some wooden picture frames I had in my craft room. These are some frames acquired from my father in law. He frequently goes to auctions and buys me boxes of old frames to paint to sell on my shop! I grabbed some he had recently given me and decided to paint them up!


I removed the backing from the frames and removed the glass. I places the glass from each frame into some warm soapy water in the sink to soak.


I brushed each frame with a coat of white paint. I used a base coat of white paint on each frame so the colored paint would pop when applied. Giving items with a darker color (like some woods) a lighter base coat before applying the actual color can help the color be more vibrant!


Once the white base coat was applied to each frame and dry (dried with a blow dryer to help along) I then began to paint each frame with one of my newly purchased Fall inspired acrylic paint colors!

Once these were all dry they were ready for some wax!


I decided since my painting for the day was season inspired by Fall that I would use dark wax on the framesNow to use dark wax you first have to use clear wax so I got out my waxes. See pictures above my clear and dark Annie Sloan waxes. I have tried a lot of waxes trying to find cheaper options for wax but honestly Annie Sloan’s is the best, in my opinion!

I coated each frame with a light coat of clear wax.

I use a paint brush to apply wax to something as small as a picture frame. I dip my brush into the wax and I use the lid to dap access wax and then use the lid to get some when I run out on my brush. This helps to not use too much! I just brush the wax on up and down and sometimes in a circular motion.

Applying the dark wax

After the clear wax is applied to the frames I just took a rag and rubbed it into the wood until it was smooth.

Then I took the dark wax with a paint brush and used the same applying method as I did with the clear wax.

Once the dark wax is applied to each frame I took some more clear wax and willed some on the frames (this helps take the dark wax down a notch and smooth it into the wood).

After applying more clear wax I took a rag again and rubbed the wax I to each frame until it was smooth and until I achieved my desired look (everyone’s preference will differ).


Lastly I took the backs to each frame:

And painted them black:

And because when I sell frames on my Etsy shop I like to put something in the frames so it’s more appealing I got some pieces from some doilies and placed them on glass in each frame and then placed the freshly black painted backing onto each frame.

Now how cute are these?!

I love these cute little Fall inspired frames! If you love them too, make sure and check out Mayberry Market! They will be listed for purchase soon!

Thanks for being here at LovEthic For Everybody

Love, Mallory!

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