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We registered for 2 of each of these curtain panels (a yellow set and a green set). The green set is in our bedroom and the yellow set is in our guest room. They are beautiful and basically the best of quality, in my opinion. They look amazing and go perfect with my more mid-century modern, eclectic and more eccentric taste in home decor.
I will be glad to post pictures of them in my home. (I will post some soon)

Click the images below to shop this look:

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March 10th 2018

Today I would like to share another wedding gift Wade and I received. It’s one we use every day! We have a king size bed and I have never had bedding for it that I love. However, I do now! I registered for a duvet cover with 2 matching shams on Amazon and a dear friend of mine from college chose it from our registry to gift us. The link to it is below (the color I chose is called dusty grape but I’m not positive it’s still available. However, there are several amazing colors to choose from. This duvet cover is perfect for my style and looks lovey with the curtains I posted above!
Click the Image below to shop this look:

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