Santa Cruz to San Fransisco

Before San Fransisco was Santa Cruz

My husband couldn’t wait to see Santa Cruz. He grew up skateboarding and still does occasionally. He said he’d always wanted to go to Santa Cruz because it was his dream destination as a child. He always thought it looked so cool and obviously hanging out in Santa Cruz chillin at the boardwalk is pretty damn cool… I think.

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After completing all of the Highway 1 exploring  we had time for we arrived in Santa Cruz about 7:40PM. (To read about our road trip along Highway 1 chick HERE) We were unaware the famous boardwalk was only open during the weekends this time of the year (end of October) and unfortunately for us, it was Tuesday. The good news is that we were still able to walk around the park even though it was all shut down and empty of people. This wasn’t ideal but it was pretty cool, too.

It was a little disappointing the Boardwalk was closed but it was still fun to roam around in it empty. Wade and I agreed that it reminded us of Michael Jackson’s Neverland. Not that either of us ever had the luxury of visiting Neverland but walking around in an empty amusement park is what gave us the comparison.

(W’re weird, I know.)

After Walking around the empty boardwalk, some side streets in Santa Cruz and popping into some places to people watch, that about concluded our stop in Santa Cruz. It was so cool there; it had such a good vibe. Being in Santa Cruz just made us both feel really cool (maybe like we were teenagers again for a couple hours). We Both wished we had longer to stay in Santa Cruz but it was time to head for San Fransisco and check-in to the new hotel where we’d be for the next 2 nights before traveling back home. Boo.

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Arriving in San Fransisco

checking into our room was top priority. we lodged at The Argonaut in Fisherman’s Wharf.   It was a really nice hotel with an award winning restaurant inside it. so, of course, that’s where we had dinner.

The Blue Mermaid

is the name of the restaurant and Wade and I both thought it was delicious.

After dinner I was literally having trouble holding my eyes open. We went right up to our room and went to sleep. The next morning we were ready to explore the city. First we had breakfast at

8 AM

This was a delicious place to have breakfast in San Fransisco and was walking distance from our hotel.

Lombard Street

claimed to be the crookedest street in the world has 8 steep turns and is laid on a steep hill. Wade and I didn’t drive on it but we did walk up it which is probably harder than you think. Not to mention, we had walked there, straight up hill, from breakfast. It was fun though and very unique.

The Golden Gate Bridge

I have seen the Golden Gate Bridge several times but this was Wade’s first trip to San Fransisco, well, to California, period. We didn’t walk to the Golden Gate. We headed from Lombard Street to the parking garage where our rental car was and then headed to the Golden Gate Bridge. We drove over it and parked at the vista point on the north side. we walked to the middle of it and then back. It was pretty cool but we had just been to New York City about a year and half prior and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge which was no comparison. It was still cool to check out the Golden Gate and the views of Alcatraz were cool to see. We decided not to tour Alcatraz this trip since we were pressed for time.

After we finished up at the Golden Gate we drove North of San Fransisco to


Sausalito is a small artsy town right across the Golden Gate North bound. We enjoyed walks around all of the little shops and lunch at


Click here to view their menu. We sat outside on the patio and it was really the perfect day to so. The food was wonderful and so was the company.

Muir Woods

After lunch I convinced Wade we should go to Muir Woods. I could tell he didn’t really want to because he felt like he hadn’t seen enough of San Fransisco and we were going home the next morning but I just really waned to go. I have been before but he hasn’t and I think it’s important for anyone whose never been to go. He’s a good husband who would literally do anything for me so, of course we went. I think he enjoyed it even though I could tell he was wondering about the city for most of the time.

When we left the woods we headed back to San Fransisco and went straight to

Haight Ashbury

Birthplace of the 1960s counterculture movement, Haight-Ashbury offers a diverse crowd, interesting encounters and little places to soak up the historic hippie vibe. Upper Haight Street is where you’ll find lots of vintage clothing boutiques, record stores, bookstores, dive bars and casual restaurants. Bordering Golden Gate Park, the neighborhood features many colorful, well-preserved Victorian homes, including the storied Grateful Dead House.

Not to mention our visit to Haight Ashbury was on Halloween. Interesting to say the least. We spent a good amount of time roaming up and down Haight Ashbury and saw some cool shit but I had to make it to the famous Full House house before the sun went down. (Don’t hate).

The Full House house

I watched Full house almost everyday growing up and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I had read prior to making plans to visit the famous home that the neighbors were ass holes and basically hated anyone who came to see the house. I didn’t even care, I just knew I was going. Surprisingly, It was a pleasant experience. There were 4 other people there viewing the house at the same time I was, ha! We were all disappointed that the house was actually undergoing renovations and that the front door wasn’t red anymore. It was still pretty awesome to get to see it. It was a part of a lot of 80’s babies childhood.

The Houses in San Fransisco

are freaking awesome! Wade and I loved looking at all of the Victorian style homes and wished so badly we could go inside one.

For Dinner our last night we ate at


which is Korean food. This is the first time Wade or me had eaten Korean food. It was freaking delicious and I can’t believe I’ve gone my whole life without it. Click here to see Surisan’s website and click here to see their menu.

After Dinner we walked around Fisherman’s Wharf and then went to

Ghirardelli Square

fr some delicious ice cream.


That pretty much concludes our stay and adventures in San Fransisco. I think Wade enjoyed it, even though I made him go to Muir Woods, ha! Either way, the best part of our First wedding anniversary was everything alongside Highway 1. Chick HERE to read about our Epic road trip to Big Sur!

Last Morning in California before flying home to Kentucky.
Last Morning in California before flying home to Kentucky.

Love to All -Mallory at LovEthic

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