See how I made these Salt & Pepper shakers from the Dollar Tree into these cute vases

How cute are these little mini vases? Can you believe they are just salt and pepper shakers from the Dollar Tree? This is a super easy and inexpensive DIY to make some pretty Spring decor for your home or to make for someone as a gift! And everybody loves a handmade gift! Keep reading to see how I made these adorable vases! 

What You’ll Need

  1. A set of salt and pepper shakers from the Dollar Tree
  2. The paint color of your choice to paint the shakers (I also used some gold paint to dry brush onto mine for a shiny look) which is optional
  3. some flowers or greenery to put into the vases (I used some artificial lavender from Hobby Lobby)
  4. some stem cutters or scissors to cut your flowers or greenery apart
  5. some polycrylic to seal the paint onto the glass shakers so it won’t chip
  6. Some ribbon or twine to tie around the tops


Remove the silver twisty lids from the shakers and set the aside (I threw mine away). turn them upside down and paint them. Wait for them to dry and then turn them over and paint the other end. (As always I use a blow dryer to help the drying process along). 

Paint 2 coats of paint.

Take one or two more colors of paint (I used brown and gold) and dry brush them onto each shaker add style and texture. 


Next I took some polycrylic protective finish and painted it over each shaker so the paint wouldn’t chip off over time. 



Thank you for being here and reading on my blog! I hope everyone enjoyed this simple and inexpensive Spring DIY and I hope you have fun making some for yourself or for someone else!

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