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I have been a crafty gal for as long as I can remember. Spending all the time I possibly can with my Nana (my mother’s mother) throughout all of my years has been quite the inspiration. I have learned thousands of skills from Nana but some I value most are the inspiration and creativity she’s taught me to use every day. Creativity inspires. The time my Nana and I spend together is full of so much love and make believe we possess a stockpile of creativity that will last us a lifetime.

Some of my creations can be found at my Etsy Shop. It’s not big with a lot of merchandise (it comes and it goes) but there are some unique items available if you’re interested in checking it out. Thank you. Love.

-Mallory at Love Ethic for Everybody



I receive Ipsy Bags every month! Ipsy is a site (and an app) where you fill out a preferred beauty profile and every month they send you a really cute cosmetic bag with 5 products to try based on your beauty preferences for ONLY $10 dollars a month! I have received 6 bags so far and have loved most of the products I’ve received! You definitely couldn’t go out and buy some of the products they send you for less than $10!! Plus you get to try out lots of cool products and see if they’re something you might be interested in purchasing again! I love it! Receiving my Ipsy bag every month is definitely a deserving treat!

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