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5 Style Trends for Spring 2019

I’ve never been able to go out and buy the newest trendiest styles for the season in all the boutiques because, well…my cash flow doesn’t exactly allow for that. However, that’s okay! It is what it is! That doesn’t mean I can’t find some cool trendy items on Amazon and like anyone will know the difference. The biggest difference for me is that I can afford it and I won’t be eat up with debt just to look cool! I had to learn this technique the hard way. Yes, there was a time  when the sight of my credit card bill made me want to puke. Thank goodness because of sites like Amazon I am now able to stay up to date with my style and out of debt, too! Check out these new Spring time items to update your wardrobe this season without breaking the bank. 

This adorable sundress comes in 17 different colors and patterns and is absolutely adorable! This would have been cute 20 years ago and it will take you anywhere for years to come! You can’t beat the price either! 

Off the shoulder is all the style this Spring! This top is amazing and comes in over 20 color/style variations! 

I don’t know why but these adorable little things are a style trend this Spring and I’m not even mad about it because they are so darn cute! you can wear them with a shirt under them or if you’re really young and cute you can wear it without! 

YES!!! Maxi skirts! Why do I love these and why are they so cute!? BECAUSE

  1. you can wear them with a tank or a tee,
  2. you can dress it up or dress it down,
  3. heels, sneakers, flip-flops or sandals,
  4. they’re absolutely comfortable AND
  5. they’re so flattering on ANYONE!!! Better click on one of those links above and GET YO SELF ONE or two or three! ha! 

That’s right, TIE DYE!! I have always LOVED tie dye and I am so happy it’s on the stylish list this Spring! Personally, I have always felt tie dye is one of the classic styles! 

This is just 5 of the numerous style trends for Spring 2019! Keep your eyes out for more Spring 2019 style trends as I will be posting them soon!  As always, thanks for being here on my blog and sharing the love! I hope some of the affiliate links posted on this page are of help to you when it comes to updating your style this Spring! Love to all -Mallory!

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