Fashion your style with some classics

I have been obsessed with fashion since I can remember. When I was younger there was no question who had the best dressed barbies in my hood. I had store bought barbie clothes, ones my Nana had made for my mother’s barbies when she was young, and ones crafted by my Nana per my request. I was picky about my own style, too. My mom swears I wore nothing but dresses until almost 2nd grade and you better believe I always had a purse and matching accessories for every ensemble.
When it comes to style, you either have it or you don’t. I have had my theories over the years while analyzing other’s fashion, at times wondering if they own a full length mirror, but I try not to be too harsh. I’ve noticed some people can’t let go of certain trends or it’s obvious they’re stuck in a specific era. I also think some people just stick with what they think works for them and the list goes on and on.

When it comes to fashion we all know trends are created all the time and it’s okay to occasionally style yourself with the newest one but just remember; all good trends come to an end. With that being said I would like to share a piece of advice given to me by my Nana many years ago. My Nana on e told me, “When you’re shopping for clothes ask yourself these questions: Did this look good 50 years ago? Will it look good 50 years from now?” If you find yourself answering no then it may not be the best purchase to make however, if the answer is yes then it’s a classic so throw it in the bag!

The other day I stopped into my family’s antique store, Mayberry Antique Mall located on Broadway in Mayfield, Kentucky. As soon as I walked in I noticed 3 huge piles of vintage clothing that had just been added to the inventory. I stopped dropped and started digging! I found 6 ensembles from the 1960’s and 70’s to add to my collection of classic wardrobe pieces.


The first being this darling pleaded floral dress. I added the yellow belt and can totally see this as a fall piece come fall time by wearing some boots instead of these wedges.


This dress is beautiful and fit me perfectly! I can see this being perfect for a shower or an afternoon social event.


I am obsessed with this darling plaid midi dress (that has pockets)! I added the belt from my collection and can see this dress being even cuter in the fall with some boots and a big hat!


I’m obsessed with this darling little top! I paired with a pair of flare jeans but I think it could work with some skinny jeans too. This reminds me of something my mother would have worn in the 70’s. I didn’t incorporate jewelry for this photo shoot but I know some big colorful earrings (maybe yellow) would totally make this ensemble!


This top got paired with some flare jeans as well. It’s a classic floral blouse from the 70’s as well. I’m sorry I don’t have a shot of front (opps) but there’s a picture to display the band that goes across the bottom.


The 6th and final vintage piece I found was the top I am wearing in the photos above. I knew I had to have it and the exact skirt at home I would pair it with. I would also not be opposed to pairing this top with a pair of black trousers. It’s so sophisticated.

All of these vintage pieces are certified classics in my book! They obviously looked good almost 50 and 70 years ago and I don’t think I’ll be the only one who thinks they’re looking pretty darling today! Thanks for being here and reading my story! Love to all, Mallory at

-Lov-E-thic for Everybody-


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