Terra Cotta pots from the Dollar Tree

With some Terra Cotta Pots from the Dollar Tree, some paint and some Greenery from Walmart You can achieve this look!

Terra Cotta Pots from the Dollar Tree

I was at the Dollar Tree the other day and I saw you could buy a set of 2 terra cotta pots for a dollar! I didn’t exactly know what I was going to do with them when I decided to buy them but I knew something would hit me, eventually. Keep reading to see exactly what did hit me!

What I used

  1. A set of terra cotta pots (2 for a dollar at the Dollar Tree
  2. Some black and White paint
  3. Paint brush
  4. some greenery stems and floral accent stems (if desired)
  5. somewhere pretty to display them in your home

How I did it

Easy as 1,2…3

  1. First I took the pots, the black paint and began brushing the paint on with my paint brush leaving some of the pot exposed in places (as pictured above). Then, Once it was dry, I took the whit paint (I don’t have photos of  when I was painting with the white) and began painting over the black paint all over until I achieved the look I was going for. I basically just went along and keep discovering the look as I went. 

I know, I know, not very specific instructions here but sometimes that’s just how I end up creating the things I come up with. Once the White Paint was dry…

   2. I placed my greenery stems in each pot (adding some lavender and billy                 buttons for accent pieces) and 

   3. Placed them in a pretty spot in my home

Adorable arrangements for any home, that look good ANYWHERE! Not to mention, I love an idea that all began at The Dollar Tree!

I think this looks pretty expensive, too…Even if I did do it. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this DIY Home Decor

Thank you for being here and reading and learning on Love Ethic! If you decide to paint some pots and make some arrangements for your home, please share your process and photos of yours in the comment section of this post! I would love to see and learn from your experience! I hope mine has inspired you! Love to ALL -Mallory

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