Have you ever met one of your favorite authors?

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Back in January I traveled to Lexington, Kentucky where I got to meet one of my favorite authors, Dr. bell hooks. She was inducted into the Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame on January 31st at the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning.
Lucky for me, my cousin Jayne Moore Waldrop (a Lexington resident) is a staff member (Literary Arts Liaison) at the Carnegie Center! below is a link to the Carnegie Center in Lexington:

and here is a link to their current catalog of events and other information:
Jayne informed me of the event and also let me stay with her and her husband, Alex while I was in town.

I have read several of bell hooks books and I absolutely love them all. They are absolutely wonderful! It was an epic experience and such a pleasure to have met her.

Here is a link below to the one I am currently reading.


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