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The Perfect DIY for Plant Lovers

The Perfect DIY For Plant Lovers

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For Christmas this year, the wrapping paper my youngest sister used to wrap my gift was absoulety adorable. I loved it so much I tried best I could not to tear it while opening my gift! It wasn’t exactly Christmas-y and the colors and design were just so me! (Hence -why she used it!) 


The cutest wrapping paper, ever!
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After unwrapping my gift and trying to keep the wrapping paper in the best condition I possibly could, I folded it up an put it away in my purse. Once I got home, I laid it on my craft table. I thought for a few weeks of all the things I could possibly do with it so I could enjoy it somehow. I thought about covering a small trinket box or a picture frame…but who really needs another of either of those laying around their house? I knew if I just kept brainstorming, something more functional would come to me. 

I was right! One day I was at the Dollar Tree and looking at all the Spring items they were beginning to get in stock (along with the Valentine’s Day items) when I saw some small terra cotta pots! I love plants and have a bunch of them! One of the main reasons I can’t wait for my husband and I have to have a bigger house is MORE WINDOWS because, well, MORE PLANTS! When I spotted these miniature terra cotta planters I knew that using some mod podge to cover them with the wrapping paper was not only the functional idea I had been looking for but an adorable one, too! I grabbed 2 of the larger terra cotta pots they had and 3 of the really small ones and went home and got to work! 

What You'll Need

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Then I just cut the wrapping paper into smaller pieces about the length of the pot I was covering and painted the mod podge onto the pot and then placed the wrapping paper onto the pot until I had covered the entire pot. Then I painted over the wrapping paper with mod podge, again! Once the mod podge had dried, I painted a coat of clear varnish onto them to seal the deal!

I love these pots and will now be able to enjoy them for years to come!

So Adorable and so EASY! Now I just need to get get some pots to put in them!

Thank you for being here and reading on Love Ethic! Love to all -Mallory

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