Three Recent Crafts from Love Ethic

Three Recent Crafts From Love Ethic

I want to share some recent crafts I’ve made over the Holidays!

I’ve wanted to share a couple of these for a while now, however being some of them were Christmas gifts, I didn’t want to spoil the joy for those receiving them!

Moonstone Beach Jewelry



If you’re a frequent reader of mine then you know my husband and I took a trip along California Highway 1 back in October for our first Anniversary. Among our numerous discoveries, Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California was one of our epic stops. While there we searched and found hundreds of unique stones. We decided when we got home that making jewelry with some of the stones would make great Christmas gifts for the women in our family.

We bought a rotary tool

We ordered the Rotary tool kit listed above from Amazon and it worked great for this project!

We went to Hobby Lobby one day and grabbed some jewelry making supplies and pendants and then took turns drilling holes in some of the rocks and designing some of the rocks on the pendents we bought.

We drilled holes in some of the stones to put on necklaces and then we used E3000 glue to place some of the stones onto pendents to take more necklaces and some bracelets.
We were very pleased with our handmade gems!
And I think everyone who was gifted one was too!

Two: Thrift Store Decor

You all know I love a good thrift store find! A couple weeks before Christmas I was in a local thrift shop and found these…

I’m not sure what they used to be a part of but I knew I had some tin containers at home I could place them in! I also had a bottle of artificial snow I could use to freshen them up!

Check out my cute little thrifty trees!

I used styrofoam in the bottom of the containers and then used my hot glue gun to place each tree in its container. Then I took some moss and got glued some around the base of each tree to cover the styrofoam. EASY!

Three: Dollar Tree Winter Decor

These next Christmas trees, I found at the Dollar Tree! I had some mini terra-cotta pots at home and when I saw these trees at the Dollar Tree, an idea for them struck me. I grabbed the mini trees and some styrofoam balls then headed home!



I took the styrofoam balls, painted them with Mod Podge then sprinkled them with gold glitter. Then I took my mini terra-cotta pots and and hot glued them into each pot. Then stuck the trees into the top of each styrofoam ball!


I know two of these crafts are Christmas/Winter decor items however, I just couldn’t share them until now because they were Christmas gifts Wade and I gave to those we love! So, even though a little late, I still hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of my recent crafty-ness! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or to contact directly via email! ( Also, I love when others share their crafty creations with me!


Thanks for being here and spending time with Love Ethic! Love to All- Mallory

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