One Thing Everyone Should Blend into Their Shelf Decor

Ya’ll know I consider myself a decorator! I love interior design and I am always sharing my home decor tips! Today I wanted to share some decorating advice and (lucky for you) some DIY ways to display some in your home!

What should you Incorporate into your shelf decor?


Yup, that’s right, Greenery! Have you even been decorating your built-in shelves, some floating shelves or the top of a dresser or a Buffett and think, what can I add with the lantern, stack of books, or these candle sticks to make this look complete? Of course you have! Well I’m here to help! Add a slash of greenery! Greenery is important in decorating! See below for reasons why! 

  1. Greenery or Flowers definitely tie a rooms theme together!  They (faux or the real deal) add color and texture to any room as well as giving the space some life!
  2.  Placing something organic in a room is boost for the mood! lets face it, flowers and pretty plants make us feel happy!
  3.  They make our guests feel happy and comfortable, too!
  4.  If you have grandma’s old hutch or buffet in your home what better way to drawl attention to them than placing a beautiful arrangement on it?
  5.  Placing greenery or flower arrangements throughout your home inspires creativity and happiness and that reason alone is enough to get you some! Now I know these types of decor accents can be pricey but that’s why I’m here to share some DIY ways to add some greenery or unique flower arrangements throughout your home! 

DIY Arrangements


The first organic arrangement I made for this DIY demo was a flower arrangement with a hydrangea for my Nana. We had been shopping around at a Tuesday Morning close to where we live and she saw one in the store that caught her eye! It was about $30. I told her not to buy it and to let me try and make her one similar to it. 

*The container I used was one I had on hand.

*The flowers were some I had purchased at a Trees and Trends a few years back.

*The Greenery and fillers were purchased at Wal-Mart not too long ago for 97 cents a pick and obviously I used floral foam in the bottom of the container to get the stems to stick in place. 

The process I went with was, I stuck the hydrangea in first and then began sticking in the greenery stems and other fillers I had until I felt I achieved a look that was to die for! I think it turned out pretty cute. Nana loved it and that’s all that mattered to me for this project. It now sits on her desk in her den and her and her house guests can glance over it and get all the feels this kind of decor releases in a home! 🙂 


The next arrangement I would like to share is one I Ade for my sister. She was recently telling me how she needed some greenery in her home to accent her decor. One again, I told her not to make a purchase because I wanted to try and make an arrangement for her. 

*I went to the local thrift store and found the container I used for 50 cents.

*The Greenery and lavender stems I used in this DIY were purchased at Wal-Mart for 97 cents a pick.

*The billy buttons were purchased at Hobby Lobby when florals were 50% off. 

*Floral foam was used in the bottom of the container to hold the stems in place.

*I just stated adding the greenery stems first and added the lavender and the billy buttons in last. 

50 cent container (white rectangle ceramic vase) from thrift store

Nailed it! This gem sits in her bathroom now!


Sometimes to add a little greenery to your decor you don’t necessarily have to create a big elaborate flower or greenery aggrangemt, sometimes it’s just a lot simpler that that! For example for this next DIY look all it took was a trip to the Dollar Tree and a total cost of $6! 

*The containers are small bowl (trinket dishes) from the Dollar Tree, I got 3 different colors.

*Then I chose 3 different succulents (also from the Dollar Tree)

*After I got home, I just placed a succulent into each of the containers.

***PRO TIP these can be placed indoors or outdoors for added decor! See below for examples of them displayed in both! 

The Containers

Displayed Outdoors

Displayed Indoors


The next arrangements I made for this demo were just pure greenery! These arrangements look great anywhere in your home and I made them small so they could be incorporated in numerous places that might need a little extra energy around the home.


The small tin containers were some I purchased at the dollar store a few years back that originally had some pretty hideous and ultra fake flowers stuck in them. 

I tore the original flowers that came in the containers out and placed them in the trash can. 

Then I took 2 different greenery picks (purchased from Walmart) and cut them into individual stems and placed them into the containers for a small but fresh arrangement that could be placed anywhere!

See how placing something like this with other decor can enhance and tie a rooms a look together


I actually made the next arrangement for myself! I have a table behind one of the sofas in my livingroo and there is a lamp on each end of the table. I have been looking for something long and slender to place between the lamps so I could eliminate the blank spot! I have been looking for quite sometime now for what that space filler might be and then when I was thrifting one day I came across this…

A long brass planter with floral foam already in it (win/win) 😉 However, don’t get it twisted, I would never have anything brass in my house. 

*I painted it blue because I thought the bright green greenery picks I chose from Walmart would pop with a darkish yet Elertic blue.

*I painted the ugly brass.

*I painted over it when it was dry with a polycrylic protective finish and when that dried

*I began placing the greenery into the new and improved container. 

The Process

Perfect way to add greenery to my home

Click the Botton below to see how I made these DIY Paper Sack Floral and Greenery Arrangements!

Paper sack Floral Arrangements

I hope you guys enjoyed my greenery and floral Home Decor tip! You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to add a little happiness to your home! DIY you some!!! NOTE: live greenery and florals are a must in every home somewhere however when decorating an entire house, the artificial stuff is just as good! Love to ALL -Mallory

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