Why I Love Concrete Countertops

March 14, 2018

The new craze in home renovations, what is it? Concrete counter tops, of course! They are perfect for the person who loves the farmhouse look, the one who seeks more of the modern farmhouse vibe, and for the those who desire a more modern appeal, they work for you, too! You can get concrete counter tops in several different shades and what really gives them the look you desire is the edge you choose.
My older sister and her husband recently bought a new house. My sister immediately arranged to remove a wall (between the kitchen and the Livingroom) and set out to give the kitchen a complete remodel. She redid all of the flooring and replaced it with a high grade and dark color hardwood. Next, she got all new stainless-steel appliances. She decided to keep the original cabinetry but had it painted white and applied new hardware. At that point, she had recessed lighting installed in addition to some new hanging fixtures for flare (and function). By removing a wall, she was able to reorganize the kitchen floorplan a bit. She placed a huge island in the center of the kitchen that’s functional for more counterspace as well as an area at the end for seating where her family can enjoy meals. I love this aspect of the new look because it eliminates the need for a kitchen table. Being kind of minimalist, not having to place a table with chairs around it somewhere is ideal for me. Nevertheless, she does have a formal dining room where a table surrounded with chairs lives. When she does host people or have dinner parties, she’ll always have that to fall back on for more spacious and formal seating.
To seal the kitchen’s new look, she chose to have concrete countertops installed. They fit in lovely with the other renovations and look better than I ever imagined. Let’s face it, we’ve all heard about concrete countertops, we’ve seen pictures of them on Pinterest and have watched them created on some of HGTV’s shows but, how many of us have actually seen them in someone’s home we know? After all, they are kind of a new thing.
Below are some photos from my sister’s progress with her kitchen renovation. I really wanted to share these because, the little interior design work I do, people are always asking about them. People always want to know what I think about them. I think they’re very unique and I think they can work for any look you’re going for depending on the shade and edge you choose. I hope you enjoy these photos and they shed some light on concrete countertops and their appeal. And, yes, they’re functional!

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